Welcome to Past to Apron, the virtual culinary history conference.  

Past to Apron is geared to the general interest level, providing a source of information and inspiration on food and drink history.

The 2021 summer edition will highlight: the history of afternoon tea, the Irish castle with Ireland's oldest known and handwritten cookbook, who greatly influenced Mexican food's introduction to America, the extensive resources held at multiple educational institutions, the history of railroad dining, the tradition of Thanksgiving, with overviews and demonstrations on edible flowers and art inspired by Japanese ancient fishing traditions in Hawai'i and concluding with a fictitious feast. 

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The conference runs from 10AM ET on Saturday June 26 through to Sunday June 27, 11:59PM ET.   Talks are viewable as per the scheduled time and/or on demand (replay).   Note: the scheduled time on Saturday marks the first airing time of each talk, with viewing access through Sunday - or to Friday July 2, 11:59PM ET with the extended viewing access pass.

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